Course introduction

At Feifan English Academy, we always aim to deliver the best service and learning experience. We spend a great deal of time on research, developing our teaching methods to make sure you get the best results in the shortest time. Our 24-hour comprehensive PTE courses will lead you to step by step through the PTE exam with official sample materials. Held in small, intimate classes in Sydney CBD near Townhall Station, we will help you understa@nd how the PTE test works and show you how to utilize a clear and simple structure, complex sentences and a range of vocabulary to improve answer speed and accuracy. Our highly qualified teaching team will provide you with feedback and help you reduce mistakes.

Feifan PTEGO Course Setting

PTE GO $599

Unlimited Classes

10 Free Essay Feedback

3 month Pronunciation Correction Feedback

Unlimited access to Question Bank

Textbook and Tailored Study Plan

VIP $89/Hour

2 hours booking minimum

Course Content

PTE General Preparation (65/79)

Speaking (8 hours):

Read aloud:
Decode words you do not know using context and word structure clues
Help you achieve native-like rhythm and phrasing, and sound more fluent
Understand how the combination of stressed and unstressed syllables helps to create the sentence rhythm in English

Repeat sentence:
Train your short-term memory or working memory
Help you to pay attention to the sentence structure
Show you how to pronounce all your consonants and vowels clearly, and place word and sentence stress correctly.

Describe image:
Show you how to use correct template to describe statistical information.
Over 200 practice sample questions: LINE, BAR, PIE, MAP, FLOW CHART and etc.

Retell lecture:
Teach you how to write notes in a systematic and effective way
Show you how to use the correct template to speak in a smooth and effortless manner, delivered at a natural pace with appropriate phrasing
Over 30 practical questions

Answer short question:
Show you how to activate your background knowledge to answer the question

Listening (8 hours):

Summarize spoken text:
Show you how to write down as much information as you can
Learn to shorten, simplify, paragraph and synthesize the information

Multiple choice, choose multiple answer:
Learn to predict the words you will hear from the context

Fill in the blanks:
Learn to predict the words you will hear from the context

Highlight correct summary:
Learn to make effective notes within a framework
Train to revise notes and very quickly summarise all information

Multiple choice, choose single answer:
Learn to identify supporting points as well as main points

Select missing word:
Learn to focus your listening carefully and simultaneously scan all options

Highlight incorrect words:
Train to concentrate on every single content word you hear
Learn to quickly compare what you hear to what you see

Write from dictation:
Train your short-term memory or working memory
Improve your writing or typing speed

Reading (4 hours):

Multiple-choice, choose multiple answers:
Train you to approach each item in a way that matches the purpose of the reading

Multiple-choice, choose a single answer:
Show you how to structure reading text with section headings, sub-headings, and paragraphs
Learn how to identify keywords and clues in the response options

Re-order paragraph:
Show you how to look for language patterns that will help you identify a sequence

Fill in the blanks-Reading:
Show you how to understand the general topic
Teach you how to predict the word or type of word

Fill in the blanks- Reading & Writing:
Improve your knowledge of collocation and grammar

Writing: (4 hours)

Help you understand what you are being asked to do
Show you how to create an elaborate, strong sentence to sum up the main argument
Introduce a universal and 90 score template

Summarise written text:
Quickly learn how to skim and scan
Show you how to identify keywords and use them to write notes to sum up the main argument